Become a Speaker for Barcamp ASEAN 2016, unleash your inner expressive-self

Have you ever felt the urge to speak, express your opinions, show your ideas but never got the chance to?

Have you ever felt that you wish to communicate with your audience in a more engaging way?

Have you ever wanted to be the presenter of your very own topic, but felt pressured about your surroundings because you are yet to have a MBA or a PhD?


With BarCamp ASEAN, these problems shall not become a barrier for you anymore. While a rapid innovation and creativity have become the main focus of this generation, BarCamp ASEAN is trying to encourage those concepts by seeking for speakers regardless of their knowledge background and experiences to present their ideas, insights and innovative-related experiences for more interactive learning environment.

We are looking for those who are passionate about the growth of the community and love sharing session to become one of our speakers to deliver the message in a way of an interaction, a discussion rather than merely a lecture.


Speakers shall not only get to share their ideas towards the participants but will also be able to discuss and receive feedbacks as well.

So, if you have already had ideas to present, what are you waiting for?

Register as a speaker at BarCamp now and you shall  receive not only get a chance to get some incentives such as T-shirts and special gifts, but also opportunities for self-improvement which include enriched experiences, feedbacks and various ideas from our audiences. Please follow this link and join the other 100 Speakers for Barcamp ASEAN 2016: . Closing date is 24th October 2016. See you at Barcamp ASEAN 2016.