Barcamp ASEAN Mini at AUPP: where students come together for the love of sharing

Sharing is amazing.

Last Sunday’s morning at the American University of Phnom Penh, nearly a hundred students meet to share their experience with studies, volunteer and social activities, as well as exchange program.

The event is geared for a very engaging experience to give students more space for conversations and exchange of ideas; therefore, the set up was tailored toward the simple yet warm, welcoming atmosphere. And AUPP’s Student Center offers the exact ambiance that match the event’s mood.


The event kicks off with an ice-breaking game, and participants make no hesitation to join in. Everyone loves to break the ice, students are even more opened to this kind of experience.



For this Barcamp ASEAN Mini, we focus on student’s experience, on and off campus. Thus, our speakers are distinguished students who achieve well in their academic pursuit. We invited them to the Barcamp Mini to help other students explore all the possibilities there is to exploit from their academic life.

The format for Barcamp Mini is essentially the same with the main event, the difference is “time”. The event is coordinated to last for a whole morning only, which mean that we have to cramped all sessions within the space of 2 hours and a half. Luckily, we have arranged that each session would not exceed 30 minutes.

Our speakers come from many diversified backgrounds, which help enriched the participants in various ways. We have Miss RaksmeyMony introduces her 10-day mission, which is her project to bring clean water to primary school’s students. Miss Somphospheak provide best practices on improving our academic performance while Mr. Daravuth shares hot tips on exchange program. Miss Puthipisey and Chhech Huong co-host a session to engage the audience about the idea and personal view on volunteerism and Mr Bunhong has a curious case on “Over-investment”. Miss Chhorpon takes us on her journey to two academic degrees, while Mr. Sovandarith explains how he manage his work while still being a student. Mr. Boromey inspires students to Take Initiative whereas Miss Sonisa tells her story with photography. All in all, there are 9 sessions for this Barcamp mini.




It was an incredible morning listening to these dynamic Cambodian youths. This year’s Barcamp Mini is a small but beautiful meet up event. Thank you AUPP, Barcamp Volunteer Team, respective speakers, and all the participants for making this morning a very memorable one. See you at Barcamp ASEAN 2016.