100K Technology

We are the technovation girl from 100K Technology of SSE. Our group consists of 5 members who is studying in grade 10 and 11 in Hun Sen Borey100 Khnang School. We are going to present our project which is about SSE, an app about education which provide scholarship information, school in formation as well as gaining general knowledge through Entertainment.

Girls For 2morrow

We are girls for 2morrow, 5 young women who are highly anticipated in developing an educational app mainly fixated on students that are facing difficulty finding the right cram schools and spreading knowledge throughout the nation including both rural and metropolitan through electronic devices .” V-Ed Kh revolutionize the way you learn. “


Catastore is a team which have many talent people to produce a quality website. There are Web Developers. Graphic Designer, Business Man, Customer service to make the website emerge. Three of us are graduated from university and other two still attend univeristy.

Home smart meter and Smart lock

Home Smart Meter is the device the uses to measure and record the consumption of power and water without human interaction and send the records straight into database.

Smart Lock is the new concept of implementing the lock system by using QR-code to unlock the door.

Eric G12 Freelancer

I’m Eric Thakvika, a high school student who learn software development since 13 years old. I have experiences with Blockchain Technology and Crypto-currencies as well as other programming languages and Frameworks. Having the passion on financial and business strategies, I have a future goal to do business with Fintech. I’ll bring up my Real-time app project for the Barcamp event which is a real-time branding site included chat forum for all software developers which is available both on Web and Mobile.

Gear VR

We are from Gear VR who will show you our application, kirirom properties and some entertainment apps. In addition, we will also show about our application, training how to play golf and some entertainment app.

Rotary smart parking system

We’re senior at NPIC.  Our team have 4 members. We will show you about our project called Rotary Smart Parking System using RFID Card. This system will help you to park your vehicle easy and safe. We promise that we will try our best to create more new project to help our society easier in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

We’re building a surveillance program that capable of detecting people under a specific condition and send alert with a snapshot. This program will be easy to modify by user.