Shim Teukchhou

I’m SHIM Teukchhou and a new member of Barcamp Phnom Penh volunteer in 2017. Nowadays, I’m a freshman from Royal University of Law and Economics called RULE and majoring in Law. I’ve participated a couple volunteer works, but I believe Barcamp Phnom Penh is a new thing for me to get into. Studying as a freshman is not enough for my lifetime in that Barcamp Phnom Penh is really meaningful social work that I’m wish being honor to be Barcamp Phnom Penh volunteer. I will be able to improve my leadership skill, communicate skill, and make more friendship. In this sense, I realized that Barcamp Phnom Penh will surely provide me the chance fulfill my dream as well as having a positive impact for my future. Team Rambo called team KabDav will be able to deliver a strong meaningful message to the community. Beaing a volunteer of this wonderful event, I’m get ready do all my best to serve the community will pick up and grow.

Chhun Sovandara

Hi! My name is Dara. I am 19 years old, and a 4 th year dental student at University of Health Sciences. When you see my ‘Dental’, you would probably wonder why would a student in the health-related sectors be doing something so far from his own profession? Well, I am here to LEARN. I believe learning is not just about staying in your comfort zone. It is about breaking the bubble and feeling uneasy toward an issue. Barcamp has never ceased to teach me about social life. Never have I been friendly to people I do not know, yet Barcamp taught me how to interact with people who are way higher in both achievements and social status. I have encountered many people, friends and a lot of more. And that concludes my life motto: “Never let major or profession stands as the obstacle for LEARNING, because this little knowledge that you gain will surely come in handy in the future.’’

Phon Sopharath

In order to explore myself more in the new world of volunteerism, I have applied as a member in Barcamp ASEAN 2017. My name is Phon Sopharath , I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Art in International Studies at the Institute of Foreign Language and Bachelor of Art in Financial and Accounting at University of Economic and Finance. Besides studying at both university, I devote myself in social activities because I do love volunteering, sharing, communicating with people from the different diversity. It’s a potential path to fulfill myself with knowledge and experiences which I had never exposed to. This is my first time to work with Barcamp and it’s a greatest opportunities for me to learn more about the technologies, educational systems and entrepreneurship skill around the world through this volunteer. Last but not least, I was able to beat my introvert side and be able to work alongside with my teammates to finally completed my assigned job as well.

Song Seakleng

My name is Seakleng SONG known as DORA and I’m a senior volunteer for Barcamp Phnom Penh as a videographer. Presently, I am a sophomore taking bachelor degree of Media Management at Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh. As media student, I’m a passionate film-maker and photographer enthusing in cinematography. Actually, I’ve been involving in Barcamp Phnom Penh since 2015 and I personally can say that being as a volunteer for Barcamp Phnom Penh is such a worthwhile opportunity in my lifetime. Last but not least, I’m delighted volunteering for Barcamp Phnom Penh 2017 and I strongly believe in my commitment to expand knowledges, friendships, creativities, adorations to all volunteers and folks joining the community.

Bou Bunty

“Bou Bunty, a sophomore of the Department of Media and Communication (DMC), joined BarCamp Phnom Penh in 2015. Throughout his BarCamp experience, he has made a home out of his fellow volunteers, and he has also done further self-discovery with the help of the people in the BarCamp community. Seeking for new inspirations for his work, he came back to BarCamp ASEAN 2017 to learn new things, specifically in media platforms that relate to his studies, and continue to contribute to his society.”

Sok Sovanmonyneath

My name is Sok Sovanmonyneath and I’m currently a second year medicine student at University of Health and Science. Beside studying, I try to give sufficient time for reading, working out , consuming healthy food and cutting out all junk food. Other than that, my spare-time goes into watching good movies, listening to music, staying in touch with college friends and of course visiting my great grandmother. I would describe my personality as very outgoing and social. I am easy to talk to and a good listener. I understand people and I make friends very easily.

Pann Thydaranen

Called me ‘ Nin ‘. I’m sophomore of MIS(Management Information System) at Setec Institute. First, I don’t why I chose to study MIS too, maybe it sounds great. But then, when I started school, I was able to code few small programs by myself without any problems . Besides, I also could help my classmates with code which is I really proud of myself but that’s enough to stop learning yet. From that time on, I start to like what I’m currently study. Moreover, I have lots of ideas in my head about doing business with technology which I study about.Having ideas isn’t enough yet for me to reach my goal because I still have to study a lot about it and do more reasearch about technology because I don’t want to fail.Then, I know BarCamp, an event that provides general people, university’s student widely discussion about technology. BarCamp inspires, shares experience, discusses, give us opportunities and communicate for free of charge. With BarCamp, I believe that it would help booth my speed and ability to reach my goal very soon.

Yat Thida

I’m Thida, 16 years old. I am a high school student at Chea Sim Samaky High school. I am a new member of Barcamp 2017. It’s such a new things in my life. I’m really pleasure to be part of this community. I don’t care how many people who interested in volunteer. But I’m really interested in it. Studying is not the only one factor that can improve us, but get experience as a volunteer is the best way to improve ourself. I used to think the world is very small for me. I think like this because I never go outside to see the world. I can say that I always inside of the box. But now I decide to go outside of the box and see everything in different ways. Become a volunteer is the best way for me to learn about new things. How about you?

Sary Pisey

My name is Sary Pisey.I’m a second year student of University Economics and Finances majoring in Finances and Banking.Becoming involved in BarCamp ASEAN 2017 is such a spacious opportunity for me to aquire new beyond things together with taking part my ability into the team when needed. One quote that can define the reason why I’m in BarCamp team is ” It’s the right place and the right time where I belong

Thy Sofy

Hi I’m Sofy, I am a sophomore at RUPP department of IBM. I first experienced volunteerism when I am in grade 11. It was a charity. That happiness feeling of what you give without expecting anything from them still got me overwhelmed until today. This act like a bridge for me to see the world differently. For me meeting a lot of people and interact with them is like reading a lot of books. I try to finish them all but sometimes I have to stop reading them. I always challenging myself, try to step out of my comfort zone to see what I’m capable of. To me Barcamp is my new discovery.

Phann Bopharoth

Hiii! Greetings from me, one of the Barcamp ASEAN 2017 volunteers! I’m currently doing dual majors at IFL, and volunteering for this event which is a little outside from my field sounds not as tempting, but I assure you that it is very well worth it. I would say this is probably one of the most interesting event that I have the chance to work on. I help and in return, I learn. There are definitely amazing people with awesome sense of humor, great team spirit, and most importantly, food. Yes, free food.

Ean Sokserei

Hi, I’m Serei. I decided to apply for Barcamp ASEAN 2017 because I am very enthusiastic about learning new things from different people, and I also had partaken in Mini Barcamp 2017 from which I came to learn that Barcamp is not just an organization that youths come to volunteer for a certain event, but a community in which committed individuals can learn from each other to sustain their growth mindset and to expand their leadership potentials through various activities and programs.

Yen Sosomphors

My name is Yen Sosomphors. I’m 18years old. Currently, I’m a sophomore student majoring in media management, RUPP. I have never been in volunteerism, but after stepping in university life, I realized that I should get out from my comfort zone, and start to involve with my society. So this is my first time in volunteering also at BarCamp. Honestly, I feel nervous, yet so excited to learn more outside class. I know there will be a lot of challenges, but if there is no challenge in life, there is no grow either.

Kann Bonpagna

Volunteering plays an important role in country development. Making a modern and innovative society has been always my wish since I was young. I always seek for chances to participate in social work as much as I can using my skills and talents. That brought me to join BarCamp volunteer team and I do not regret my decision. I feel pleasure to be in the team and the volunteering activities really help me improve myself from time to time. I hope that this community will grow so that all the younger generations can have the opportunity to utilize the new technology and integrate it into business ideas to take part in developing the country in the future.

Voung Sovanbunthoeun

Learning from school is a way that we use to improve knowledge. But it is not enough to match the right thing or to feel like the book say. Being a volunteer in BARCAMP provide me the knowledge that get from our own experience which will guide us to remember and understand the right thing in the real situation. It is the right opportunity and I am so happy that I can have chance to communicate and work with new friend to help BARCAMP together.

Sem Paroda

Hey, it’s Paroda. Paroda Sem. A student who seeks for salvation in life. After getting into university, I want to extend myself as far as possible to the social world through partaking in events and building up communication. Though my demands are high, it’s my overall standard. Those who failed to reach my level, step up your game. Beat me. Fair and square, or stay rotten.

Bun Sokanha

Hello my name is Sokanha Bun. I just graduated from high school. I’m a volunteer of Barcamp and it’s my very first time doing society work before starting my university journey. Barcamp bring me a lot of experiences such as getting to know more people, learn from experience sharing. I would like say thank you to Barcamp for this unforgettable experience I’ve ever had.

Vann Sopheakneat

Hello all my dearest! My name’s Vann Sopheakneath . I’m a sophomore at Royal university of law and economics. My majoring is Law. Barcamp ASEAN is my first volunteer that I participate in and I work in event planning team. Everyone will wonder why I study in law but volunteering in technology event. Yeah ! That’s kind of weird but as a legal student I also need technology to get along with me for achieve my goal . Became a volunteer in Barcamp I can get a lot of new experiences in my life such as meet a lot of new people with differences ideas, find out more about innovation technology and how the technology can change the world. And I believe that the technology is plays as an important role in the society.

Heng Vongleakhena

I’m Leakhena, a graduate from Zaman University and IFL. Currently, I am an intern at Teach For Cambodia, a volunteer at SSEAYP Reception Committee and a volunteer at BarCamp. I’m in the exploration phase of my life so I try to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I find challenging and allowing me to grow both personally and professionally. To me, BarCamp is my very first volunteer experience that I get to meet and “kab dav” alongside with many awesome people. It’s truly my honor to be a part of BarCamp community and I can’t wait for the magnificent BarCamp event to take place!


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